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Landlord Representation

Commercial Landlord Representation Services

We understand what is important to you as a landlord and work with landlords all over the country to maximize revenue/profit from their real estate investment through our attention to detail and superior customer service.  We offer various services to our clients including:  

  • Analyze available space within surrounding market
    • Create Market Comparison to detail how to set the property apart from similar properties
    • Examine client financial projections and expectations of the property
    • Present Initial Marketing Plan for the space (may require follow-up meeting)
  • Customized from the Strategy Meeting— SRP uses the following outlets to promote the property

Utilize existing tenant relationships as potential leasee for additional locations
• Support leasing efforts by showcasing the benefits of the building and the adjacent tenants
• Directly communicate with brokers locally, regionally, and nationally
• Create marketing materials specific to the property—brochures, web site additions, signs, e-mail blasts
Provide Landlord with Activity Reports frequently
• Prepare and submit letters of intent and lease proposals
Contact Southern Realty Partners today to learn more about our Landlord Representation Program.  Partner with Southern: 615-431-8787 or email info(at)partnerwithsouthern(dotted)com.

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